One Hand Clapping !>:OPE:<! (volatilinfinity) wrote in bostonxbrawlers,
One Hand Clapping !>:OPE:<!

First Fight

I realized no one ever posted about the first fight, so I guess I will, and it will be brief. There was a lot of build-up, but when the time came, both of us were not only exhausted, but also completely un-pissed off. The entire point of this is to release aggression in what I view as an incredibly productive way, but neither of us had any aggression to release, so it was difficult to sustain the brawl. At that, both of us smoke too much and got winded every two minutes. Though, our bouts were fairly intense and some good punchs were thrown, some good hits were made. In the end, it was better that we fought as little as we did than not at all, and having taken this first step, many fights in the future are guarenteed and without reservation.
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